5 Mistakes Resellers Make When Buying Wholesale Printing

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There’s no denying that resellers, especially brokers, play a key role in the trade printing industry. They’re the win-win middlemen—printers benefit from the business that resellers bring them, and end users benefit from the professional experience and knowledge of their resellers.

As symbiotic as these relationships may be, there’s plenty of room for error. As is often—or, rather, always—the case in business, the devil is in the details. And minding those details falls squarely on the shoulders of the resellers, whether they be brokers, marketing and ad agencies, or graphic designers.

That means resellers are responsible for everything from advising their clients on the best paper, print methods and bindings for their jobs, to ensuring all the materials are to spec and to the printers with enough time to get the projects done on time. Then there’s the color proofing and press checks, and so much more.

Each step is critical to make sure the job goes smoothly and the final product meets expectations. When something falls through the cracks, things can go very wrong. And, just ask any veteran print industry pro, mistakes can be costly.

During the course of its 60-plus years in business, B&D Litho has completed some 2 million projects from start to finish. So, having seen pretty much everything, the pros at B&D have culled this list of the five most common oversights that can create kinks in the print fulfillment process. Consider this a handy little checklist.



It may seem like a no-brainer, but this is a detail that’s often overlooked or given little consideration. It’s a conversation that begins with the client, and it requires the reseller’s expert opinion, based on knowledge and experience. And be specific: It’s important to provide the printer with an accurate and complete due date. That means month, date and year. ASAP won’t suffice.



Factor in reasonable expectations for the length of time it’s going to take to get the job done, and discuss this with the client. If you’re uncertain, then consult your printer before setting the date with your client. This communication can prevent problems with the whole job process.



Too often, printers find purchase orders that contain incorrect information or that are missing pertinent details. So before you turn over that P.O., be sure it includes the following:

  • Printing specs
  • Shipping information
  • Delivery date
  • Any additional details or notations specific to the job



This is a good business practice in general, but it’s particularly important when it involves a multi-layered process like printing. It’s not uncommon for resellers to make judgment calls without checking in with their clients when an issue arises. Unless you’re a mind-reader, it’s best to err on the side of caution and give your client a call to weigh in.



Whether you work with just one printer or several, it’s a good idea (for you and the printer) to keep a record of previous jobs. It could help speed up the process, particularly if artwork from a prior job will be reused. If you can provide the printer with previous job information, it’ll make retrieving archived materials a snap.



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